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January Newsletter - Fund-Drive Results, A Job Opportunity, Winter Courses, and Subtitles!

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08 Jan 2019
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Happy New Year! What wonderful start to 2019 with a great showing of robust Complexity Explorer community support - we had a very successful year-end fund drive raising $12, 875 - THANK YOU EVERYONE! We are putting these donations to immediate use developing the Origins of Life course - so stay tuned. I will contact prize winners for those who donated during the year-end fund drive shortly!

Job Opportunity with the Applied Complexity Network (ACtioN)

We interrupt your regularly scheduled inbox avalanche to let you know about an awesome opportunity for someone who’s as passionate about complexity as we are here at the Santa Fe Institute!

The Santa Fe Institute is hiring a full-time manager for our new complexity-oriented social club, The Pequod! (We view the identification of complexity’s universal generative mechanisms as the ultimate White Whale.)

We want someone smart, fun, and hard-working to help us inspire a sense of daring and adventure in members of our social club: the feeling of participating in a Great Quest, the thrill of having front-row seats to the dynamism and discovery…

In this position, you'd be managing relationships, producing events, and guiding conversations on real-world applications of complexity research here at SFI.

If you’re not the right person for this job, but know someone who might be, please pass this onto them.

Email questions to and refer to the job opportunity for more details about applying.

PS – We also have more opportunities to get involved with SFI in the pinned post in our new Facebook Group, Complexity Explorers – summer program applications, openings for a new astrobiology postdoc and for an administrative assistant.  We have some great discussions in this group, so we hope to see you in there if you are a Facebook user!

January Course Offerings - enroll now, courses start next week!


Fractals and Scaling

Join Dave Feldman for his 2019 offering of Fractals and Scaling starting January 15th through March 14th - enroll now. Gain the skills to think critically about the rationale behind how fractals or scaling could be connected to with cancercities, and copper!



Nonlinear Dynamics

Join Liz Bradley for her Nonlinear Dynamics course starting January 15th through May 15th - enroll now. Learn the mathematics and computational tools that are so important in the study of chaotic systems - so you can take a critical view on research in fields such as gender sciencemodern astrodynamics, and neural networks.  Nonlinear Dynamics takes the skills you learned  in Introduction to Dynamical Systems and Chaos to the next level. 


Introduction to Complexity

Join newly minted PhD Santiago Guisasola in Introduction to Complexity. After much analysis and deliberation, we have decided to shift back to offering the course in 10 week sessions with an instructor twice a year. Join now - the course will close March 15th, 2019. Our next offering of Introduction to Complexity will be Fall 2019. We hope shifting back to the twice a year offering will improve and enrich your learning experience. 

Updates from the Subtitling Community

While the numbers for December are yet to come in, we met a milestone in the subtitling community - Hazm Talab has subtitled over 500 minutes of Complexity Explorer videos in Arabic!  Congratulations! 

We wanted to acknowledge some new, very productive subtitlers that joined last year -  Huong Nguyen has subtitled a total of 53 minutes of video in Vietnamese- nearly half way to a prize! Also a very productive new member of our team is H.L. Rayner subtitling a total of 33 minutes in English along with Rodrigo Volmir Anderle subtitling a total of 28 minutes in Brazilian Portuguese. Keep up the great work and thank you!

As we are offering our Nonlinear Dynamics course this winter we could use your help getting Liz Bradley's videos subtitled! If you are not yet a member of the Complexity Explorer subtitling team - join now - to make a hugely meaningful contribution to our global community of complexity scholars!

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