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24 Oct 2018
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Introduction to Complexity at 20 weeks!

We have been running Introduction to Complexity, with instructor Santiago Guisasola, for 20 weeks now.  

So, after 20 weeks what have students been saying?

  • The course is 'comprehensive', 'very clear', 'very synthetic' and is 'a peek under the hood at our non-linear world.'
  • Introduction to Complexity helps you to 'observe complexity from diverse perspectives.'
  • 'The course provided me with a robust notion of what a complex system is, where to find it in nature and in organization.'
  •  'Its a window to a whole new world I did not know existed!'

We are overjoyed to hear that Introduction to Complexity is giving you all a new lens to see the world! Thank you all for being Complexity Explorers!

Students are also enjoying the Guest Spots that feature a number of Santa Fe Institute external faculty like Liz Bradley and Stephanie Forrest.  Current Santa Fe Institute President David Krakauer is also featured - check out what he was thinking back in 2012! These guest spotlights give students ideas about areas to explore further - Liz Bradley's Nonlinear Dynamics course is currently being offered. We love showing you all who the researchers behind complexity science and dive deeper in the topics covered in the units. 

I recently spoke with Melanie Mitchell and we talked about updating the course by doing more Guest Spots! Look out for this in 2019!

Thank you to all Introduction to Complexity students for the feedback, both positive and critical. As we move forward into the Fall we are taking all this into consideration with the launch of the new user interface as well as new course offerings and updating current courses. 

Two Dynamics Courses in Full Swing

This fall we are offering two dynamics courses. You can join at any time and the courses run through December 15th.  

With Dave Feldman's Introduction to Dynamical Systems and Chaos you gain an introduction to the modern study of dynamical systems: the interdisciplinary field of applied mathematics that studies systems that change over time. 

In Liz Bradley's Nonlinear Dynamics: Mathematical and Computational Approaches students with college calculus, and physics, and some programming skills will learn the tools that are important to the study of chaotic systems. 

Join us in this exploration of dynamical systems - so important to the study of complexity!

Subtitles For September

Last Month we saw Mujun Chen increase in activity (after taking a break since February) with 43 minutes in Chinese, Simplified for our Dynamical Systems course which is currently running. We hope they keep up subtitling! Thanks for your renewed interest in Dynamical Systems. 


Top Subtitlers, here they are!

I had also requested that our top subtitlers send in pictures of themselves in their Complexity Explorer t-shirts, so it is fitting that Mujun Chen has been putting in a lot of effort last month. Here he is in his t-shirt! 


Cigdem Yalcin also sent in a picture of herself from the Conference on Complex Systems in Cancun, Mexico in September 2017.  She is wearing her Complex Systems Summer School 2017 Shirt at the podium!  It is perfect timing for this picture as we have just launched applications for the Complex Systems Summer School 2019.  If you are an interested students, post-doc or faculty, apply now!


If you want to earn a Complexity Explorer t-shirt, you need to get to 120 minutes or 2 hours of subtitling time.  Get going today and I will be happy to send you a shirt when you reach that mark! Also if you already have a shirt and did not get your picture in, please send it at anytime – we would love to feature you in our newsletter.

We added new videos to Amara this month – the remainder of the Algorithmic Information Dynamics course videos – check them out and get subtitling here

Changes in the Santa Fe Institute Education Office

We are proud to announce that Dave Feldman, professor of physics and mathematics at the College of the Atlantic (and esteemed Complexity Explorer Instructor) will be joining our team as the Interim Vice President for Education in November. Welcome Dave!

What about the ASU-SFI Masters?

You may have noticed the ASU-SFI Masters in Complexity Science FAQ page is no longer up to the public. However, work for the the Masters is still moving quickly forward. ASU is going through the accreditation process and we are filming six courses. If you would like to be added to the informational email list, please send your contact information to

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