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Summer Complexity and Modeling Program (CAMP)

For nearly 30 years, the Santa Fe Institute has challenged and equipped the next generation’s brightest scholars to take on complex problems through schools, fellowships, and youth educational curricula serving students and educators of all ages and backgrounds. SFI Complexity Scholarship programs include instruction by, and interaction with, SFI scientists. Complexity scholars trained at the Santa Fe Institute are working to understand the theoretical foundations and patterns underlying the systems most critical to our future -- economies, ecosystems, conflict, disease, human social institutions, and the global condition. This intensive two-week residential science Summer CAMP introduces participants to complexity science scholarship. Through individual projects, computer simulation activities, analysis of ecological data, lectures and seminars, along with related weekend activities, students conduct research in this cutting edge field. Days are made up of instruction, small working group sessions, and research time interleaved with sports and extra-curricular events. The Summer CAMP broadens students’ scientific horizons, and accelerates both academic and personal development by immersing them in a supportive community of scholars, teaching them how to create and analyze computer models, and introducing them to the challenges and rewards of independent scientific research. The academic program is demanding: lectures and curricula in complexity science, collection and analysis of ecological data, mathematics, and computer programming are taught at the college level. Each student will receive a high-level of personal attention from program instructors. At the conclusion of the CAMP, students will present their work and, if appropriate, develop a plan for continuation throughout the school year.

Santa Fe Institute
Modeling, Complex Systems, Ecology