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Oxford Martin Programme on Complexity at University of Oxford

Issues as diverse as the 2008 financial crisis, climate change and the impact of the Fukushima nuclear disaster on global supply chains, highlight that our understanding of complexity and risk is often insufficient and our tools for measuring and managing risk are often inadequate. The study of complex networks provides a new and powerful perspective on the spread of social and technological innovation, and the resilience of critical infrastructure in biological, financial, social, and engineered systems. By combining network approaches with methods like agent-based modelling, we seek to understand how such systems evolve dynamically, and respond to changing environments. Our researchers bring a cross-disciplinary perspective to these issues. Economists, mathematicians, physicists, engineers, biologists, psychologists are collaborating to develop new tools that can better inform decision making by both policymakers and business leaders. As risk cannot always be predicted or managed, we research the properties that make systems resilient and applying those insights to a variety of economic, social and policy issues.

University of Oxford
Networks, Agent-Based Modeling, Economics, Finance, Complex Systems, Policy, Self-Organization