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Centro de Ciencias de la Complejidad

The Center for Complexity Sciences (C3) corresponds to a different way of conducting scientific research in Mexico and UNAM in particular. It represents a space designed to face frontier and interdisciplinary scientific problems, which have great social and economic importance. In this way our National University would assume the leadership in an emerging branch of science, taking advantage of the synergy resulting from the interaction between different areas of knowledge. At present collaborate grouped in academic thematic networks and students of 25 Institutions of the UNAM and other universities like the IPN, the UAM and the UACM. The project was formally initiated in 2009, but its direct antecedents date back to the 1980s with the Complex Systems programs and the Complex Systems Department of the Physics Institute of the UNAM. The C3 has at the moment four main lines of research; but it is open to include new proposals for lines that work groups request, for example, in non-linear science topics such as geosciences and tectonics, neurosciences, climate, etc.

Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México
Biology, Climate Change, Complex Systems, Ecology